MAJOR CRAIG'S...  a history of Exceptional Food ™ 

"The Chutney Guy" ™

Andrew Craig is the founder of Major Craig's and has had a life spent with food.  Andrew has spent over 20 years in the restaurant industry steadily working his way  up from prep cook to General Manager.  Now he brings that experience and passion for food to making you exceptional specialty foods.  

"My passion for food comes from my family.  My parents would always cook, we never ate microwave dinners etc… it was always fresh.  I learned to cook with them and over the years I have had the pleasure of working with some exceptional chefs. Working with amazing chefs has added to my passion and skill to be able to create these exceptional flavours."  

About the company

For Generations the Craig Family has enjoyed these spectacular flavours.  Now we want to share them with you and your family.  

Our Chutneys are ALL NATURAL… Really.  What does that mean to us and for you?  There are Zero chemicals, Zero artificial Colours, Zero Artificial flavours and when the seasons allow, we buy directly from local farmers.  We also work very hard to be GMO FREE, for example: we use certified organic cane sugar and we know our local farmers and their farm practices.