MAJOR CRAIG'S...  a history of Exceptional Food ™ 

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1884 North India ™

The Major's Original flavour.  Discovered in 1884, this recipe has been in the Craig family for 140 years.  It is a deep and rich flavour, a true Victoria Chutney, filled with fruit, local apples onions and a beautifully balanced combination of spices.  

Uses:  Put this on Everything… But it's really great with roast beef, steak, curry dishes… I really love it on a sandwich!  

Magnificent Mango™

Unlike any other Mango Chutney you have ever tasted!  This is what I have always wanted Mango Chutney to taste like.  Real mango chunks with real Indian flavours.

"By far the Best Chutney I have Ever Had"  -The Flying Banzini

Uses:  Porchetta, it's gotta be my favourite!  but this magnificent chutney certainly goes anywhere you want it from chicken to pizza and everything in between.

Butternut & Beer 

Created for the Beaus all natural brewing company, this magnificent chutney screams Bratwurst and Beer! Turmeric and Fresh Ginger make the flavours pop out from butternut squash, apples, peppers, corn, habanero and of course Beaus lug-tread Lagered Ale.

Uses:  Everything on or off the BBQ.  Amazing with roasted chicken (cook it right on the chicken)… it is really amazing on sausage.

A Date with Cranberry 

Created by Andrew, this chutney was created for Baked Brie and Turkey Dinners.  It uses amazing local cranberries from Upper Canada Cranberry, fresh dates and Grand Marnier blended with subtle hints of cinnamon. 

Uses:  Baked Brie, Turkey Dinner… but it is also really fantastic mixed with mayo for a steak sandwich or Waldorf Salad.  It is really incredible served with soft cheeses and sopressata.