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Major Craig's Canadian Black Garlic

 Made in Canada with Canadian Garlic 

Since 2012 Major Craig's has been researching and perfecting the process of fermenting Canadian grown Garlic into Canadian Black Garlic and the results are Amazing!  With our new techniques and hardy Canadian Garlic, Canadian Black Garlic is incredibly flavourful and soft as butter.  The Chefs that have been on our test panel are truly blown away by how easy Major Craig's Canadian Black Garlic is to use and it's amazing flavour.  Before Major Craig's, black garlic has always been difficult to work with.  The combination of poor quality garlic from China and the existing techniques of making black garlic made it like hard candied Dates or Figs… its difficult to cut and doesn't incorporate easily into a sauce.  The poor quality garlic also made it fairly bitter.  That's all changed now that the Major has figured out the secret of high quality Canadian Black Garlic.  

​Meet our Farmers!

Major Craig's has been fortunate to have worked with local farmers to grow some of the best Raw Garlic in the World and I'd like to introduce them to you here: Rideau Pines Farm


The Doctor Knows

Dr. Oz, Dr. Mercola and years of research say that Black Garlic really is Amazing for you.  

Here is a 2014 article by Dr. Mercola that explains whats going on with Garlic:

Dr. Mercola on Black Garlic

And Click Here for the Famous Dr. Oz Anti Aging Cheat Sheet 

Top Chefs Prefer Major Craig's Canadian Black Garlic 

Sure, we have several friends that say great things about it… but these Chefs are some of the Best in the World!

Norm Aitken  Chef Owner at Juniper Kitchen Wine Bar 

Brad Long  Chef at Cafe Belong at the Evergreen Brickworks  

David Godsoe  Chef Owner at Indulge kitchen and Cocktails